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Love! Light & Blessings!


These are the things that power my life and I love to do!​

  • Founder: Positivity Vibe Tribe

  • Positivity Life Coach

  • Meditation Teacher

  • Film/TV Producer

  • TV Host

  • Host of The Indra Bartona Show

  • Model

  • Professional Speaker


Since 12 years of age I've had a fascination with meditation, spirituality and personal growth.  It all started with reading many of my parents books including, 'The Power of Positive Thinking', by Norman Vincent Peale.  Often I followed along as my mother sat in lotus pose meditating and also practiced yoga.  This curiosity has been a life long journey of balancing spiritual and personal growth while pursuing a career in business and entertainment.

I've had a passion for the entertainment business from as far back as I can remember when  singing, ballet dancing, playing the violin, modeling and acting took center stage in my life growing up. My talent for producing developed using the ‘tried and true’ ‘hands-on’ production approach when I created an original Music Show ‘MPump’ for a Cable network in Sydney, Australia. 


After graduating from Griffith University with a Bachelor in Business, I temporarily put aside my entertainment production hat and set sights on an international business career that took me to Sydney, London, Washington D.C. and Los Angeles as a consultant/project manager for various multi-national companies.


But the pull of the entertainment industry once again took hold and producing has become a full-time career.  After completing a season of ‘Music Pump Unsigned’  and producing some short film’s, ‘The Set-Up” that won awards at The Las Vegas International Film Festival and also “Architects of Crime” won The Stellar Adler Award for Excellence in Film and 'The Night Out'.  

The first feature film completed was produced in Australia,' I.C.U.' a horror/thriller, also an early starring role for Margot Robbie. To later follow was another Australian feature film project the zombie thriller 'Frenzy' starring John Jarrat. I'm forging ahead with my latest feature film in development, a comedy while enjoying the journey of running the Positivity Vibe Tribe brand that ties to my Lifestyle show, Twitter Spaces and Wisdom platforms, plus a Podcast on Anchor/Spotify.

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