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Being in a constant state of peace is a journey.

Updated: Apr 3, 2022

We are living in a time where we have less control over our external environment. We will always have control over our peace of mind as it is a minute by minute proposition. How do we navigate this idea in the search for this state of peace? Maybe it’s not as challenging as one may think to start from the simplest things and build from there.

We have an unlimited amount of control over what we perceive to be peaceful. In our own minds we must overcome the wrestle with thoughts from the past and as current as yesterday. Some of these thoughts prove to be unwelcome in our desire for a little peace and quiet.

One of the best ways to purposefully create more peace of mind is to limit what we focus on. There’s a difference between noticing a thought, idea or reading it and taking the entire concept on within your being.

A little retraining of the mind and the approach could prove prosperous to just merely notice something and take a deep breath and immediately release it. This would be a way of not putting your head in the sand and still being open to your environment and what’s going on in the world. Basically, the approach here is aimed at not taking things to heart.

Living a full life is part and parcel of dealing with regular struggle and there is no perfect way to navigate our world without some forms of pain. But maybe we can be mindful of the sources that affect us starting with choosing material we absorb into our being through the media we consume.

Being aware of our reactions to the world and remembering to breathe throughout the day does wonders to staying at peace and centered. It’s a basic and simple thing to bring awareness to your breath. When we are affected by life one of the first things that changes is our breath. Take some deep breaths during the day for no reason except to give yourself a good awareness check of how you are keeping yourself at peace.

Once you remove yourself from the information you are reading about things that affect you and you have little to no control over. An example might be in the mildest form the weather. It’s going to happen and there’s no changing it although we can change our mindset and how and what we choose to focus on.

Our focus will create the peace you are in search of when you shift to the positive and things you can immediately embrace and action. It’s a journey that I’ve found is worth my efforts to seek out the choice for peace and the value in overall returns this brings. A little patience with yourself on retraining your mind and habits is recommended and if all else fails read some positive quotes to get you back on track.

Thank you for reading this blog post. For more positive content watch my YouTube channel starting with this show 'Creating Positive Moments'.

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