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The end of our day deserves attention!

Let’s consider the end of our day. Many of us have set routines after we finish the work day. It’s easy to form regular habits of going through the motions with the aim of sleep and not utilizing some valuable opportunities to set ourselves up for an amazing day ahead.

The evening is such a perfect time to seek some solitude for yourself. Understand there are things to do as we have to eat dinner and prepare for the day ahead. But, consider what a little alone time could do for you? Your body starts to prepare naturally to unwind as the sun sets in the sky as we form internal clocks that is memorized by the body.

One of the sacred practices to learn more about yourself is practicing Self-Reflection.

What is Self-Reflection?

~ Self-Reflection is when you observe yourself free of judgement. ~ There is no emotion attached good or bad. ~ We learn about ourselves and grow.

The biggest investment we can make is in ourselves and looking within is a sure way to evolve. We may notice how we react to specific situations and circumstances. We can also observe how we respond to certain people in our life. Some people bring out the best in us and lift us up, while others are to our detriment and putting distance is the best fit for our well being.

When we seek a life where we want more positive moments there is an instinct to improve and want to grow from within. This process always means there must be something to measure from in order to improve, and that’s where Self-Reflection can be a great tool.

Write out a list of things you could do in the evening that would create more positive moments in your life. Make a point of including nurturing activities. Instead of watching a few hours of television each night keep that for a once a week event. Prioritize yourself to have more enjoyable activities that still nurture your soul and make you happy.

Some of my favorite evening rituals are: night gardening, meditation, cooking with relaxing music and reading with a face mask. Staying away from the glowing screens of technology can be relaxing in itself.

It’s certainly not natural to keep your gaze on a screen and if you’ve worked all day it can lead to more eye fatigue or worse being your brain is overstimulated and then it’s a challenge to fall asleep. Understand we all have to pay bills and send emails. Schedule these tasks early in your evening and save some sacred time for yourself to gently wind down and relax from the day in a better way for the mind and body.

Do your best not to eat anything the last two hours before bed. There’s nothing you can do when your stomach is heavy and full, including trying to sleep. It’s also stressful on the body to attempt to process a lot of food when you’re no longer active and laying in bed. Plan your dinner time earlier in the evening and feel the difference when you enjoy a good nights sleep without discomfort.

If you’re lost and don’t know where to start with your evening routine. Write out everything you currently do and see if you can add a little more joy in the mix. A good example is to play music when making dinner and take turns with family members to clean up the kitchen. Plan ahead your evening to make the maximum of how you spend it.

It’s easy to overlook the evening and focus on the start of your day although both hold position of equal importance. So find your balance and let some things go in order to find your inner zen and get ready for a peaceful evening that leads to a good nights sleep and tons of energy the following day.

Thank you for reading this Blog and for more positive content follow me on my Twitter page @Indra_Bartona for daily tweets all about Living a Positive Lifestyle and more.

Until next time, I’m sending you Love, Light & Blessings🙏🏽💫💕

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