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Meditation is Life Changing.

It’s believed that the origins of meditation began in India 1500 BC as a Hindu tradition of Vendatism one of the earliest schools of spiritual enlightenment. Then later were also evident in the 5th centuries BC in Taoist China and Buddhist India. Adaptations of meditation arrived in the west in the 1700’s and was viewed as an intellectual topic for philosophers and intellectual types. And in the 1990’s meditation began in practice by many countries in the west. Meditation has been around since the beginning of time and including it on a regular basis can make a major difference to your life. If you’ve never tried meditation it may surprise you. Meditation is the practice of mindfulness, of bringing your awareness to yourself and your breath. When meditation is part of your daily practice you feel the benefit as it’s a great stress management tool. If you’re ever overthinking something in your life, make time to do some meditation and get out of your head.

Benefits of Meditation: ~ You become calmer in general and more relaxed. ~ It enhances your ability to sleep better. ~ You feel more centered and the mind is not busy. ~ Stress levels are better managed and overall less.

When we have a busy overactive mind it’s impossible to make decisions and meditation can be useful to quieten the mind into a more peaceful state so you’re able to consider the decision-making process.

There are many types of meditations, beginners and regular daily fans often prefer guided meditations. Guided meditation can be useful as one can relax and enjoy the experience of being taken on a journey. It’s highly recommended also for beginners that don’t know where to start. Some examples of meditation types include:

~ Zen – usually seated to boost focus. ~Guided – use of words and music, can be seated or lying down. ~Yoga – a combination of mantras and breathing for overall wellness. ~Chakra- to open or clear the different chakras in the body. ~Mindfulness- focusing the mind on the moment without judgement. ~Chanting- powerful repetition of words towards healing.

You can start your meditation practice simply with very little equipment needed. It’s easy to make a comfortable space with cushions, lighting some candles or incense and most importantly a serene space. It’s possible to even meditate in nature or at the beach. Finding your peace and tranquility is the key with venturing outdoors.

For beginners, create a meditation space at home and make it a habit at the same time every day if possible. One can benefit from even 10-15minutes of meditation a day. And as you get more experienced you can lengthen the time. It’s not so much about the quantity but rather the quality of the time you invest into your practice.

There is no right or wrong way to meditate. The most important part of meditation to receive the full benefit is to be in tune with your breathing. Be mindful and notice your breath as the natural flow you have and work on increasing the depth of the breath. A lot of guided meditations will give you easy instructions on how to use the breath. It’s such a favorite of many experienced people to use guided as you can really surrender to the process.

Meditation is truly a gift to yourself to release all the thoughts in your mind and focus on the breath. As you practice the art of meditation you can become aware of regenerating your body with energy on a daily basis. Experiment for yourself with types of meditation. I have a link below to an example of one of my meditations from my YouTube channel. There are many to choose from depending on what you want to work on and they are all an average of 10 minutes as most people live busy lives and want the time to be effective. This is the benefit of using a guided meditation as you can target a concern and work on it.

Thank you for reading this Blog. I'm sending you Love, Light & Blessings 🙏🏽💕✨

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