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Living With Gratitude

There is so much out there about gratitude and why we should be practicing gratitude. It has become a universal word where we all often discuss things we’re grateful for in life.

The real meaning of gratitude is being able to appreciate what we have at this moment. It’s not about being happy at a future time because of a future event, when you get the new car, clothes, things etc. We can fall easily into this trap of longing for what is not here and thinking we will then be grateful when the thing arrives. We miss out on a lot if we do this.

It’s truly up to us to make a conscious decision and shift to a mindset that is open to ‘Living with Gratitude’ daily in our lives. It’s all about the now, this moment right here, right now to open our heart and mind to a gratitude way of living.

Some of the benefits of living with gratitude include:

~ Enhanced and stronger relationships: we are grateful for the people in our life and work at making these relationships stronger as we value them.

~ An improved positive outlook on life: in general when we are grateful we are able to look for the silver lining in every situation. Life just seems better.

~ Increased happiness levels: when our heart is full of being thankful we are happy with everything in our life. It’s easier to be happy on a daily basis.

~ Makes us nicer and better humans: we are able to be more thoughtful and extend kindness to others as we are living in a state of gratitude.

~Better coping skills when faced with difficulties: when the unexpected happens in life there’s a better resiliency as we have our internal clock set to being thankful.

~ Reflection on feeling abundance: as we build our bank of feeling grateful, it’s only around the corner that an overall state of abundance will follow us.

How to start living with a gratitude attitude? I gave a mini crash course on my ‘Good Morning Vibes’ Show where I included one of my favorite morning practices being gratitude. I reveal my secret to being time efficient and not needing any additional time in your day. I’ll include a link below.

Some people find it helpful to have a specific journal for making notes of things each day to be grateful for. Find the best time for you being either morning or night. I’ve tried both and find the morning my favorite while drinking my coffee to reflect on the amazing things to write down in my gratitude journal.

Living with gratitude is to embrace gratitude throughout your day. The saying of ‘it’s often the little things’ really comes to mind. As we move through our day if we open our heart and mind to the possibility of living with gratitude and notice those moments we can feel a sense of happiness in our heart.

Living with gratitude is an attitude. Being happy for the smallest gifts your life has already received. When your heart is open, you’re in a gratitude state of mind for all that life has to offer. Your heart is the center for appreciating gratitude so keep it open to absorbing the abundance of gratitude.

This is a list of things in general to reflect and feel a sense of gratitude for: friends & family, for your comfortable bed, the delicious meal you’ve eaten, your lovely neighbors, your collection of books, your peaceful moments, walks in nature, reading a great book, your knowledge, your abilities, your gifts, your skills. And so much more!

Gratitude is a high vibe frequency that elevates you and everyone around you. Practice this in your everyday living and feel the positive vibe benefit and see your life transform.

Please see the link below to watch the ‘Living with Gratitude’ Show.

Thank you for reading this Blog and for more positive content please see below links for social media and Positive Vibe Lifestyle Shows.

Sending you Love, Light & Blessings💫

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