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Good Morning Vibes!

When we first wake up in the morning it’s the best time to create positive vibes. Upon waking up we have a clean slate to plant the seeds we want and nurture those in order to grow throughout the day. This opportunity presents itself every morning and we can chose to make the most of it with intention.

There’s better ways to spend your precious time in the morning than being a robot and not even being conscious of your surroundings as your follow the programmed schedule of opening your eyes and going through the motions without purpose and drive about each moment. When we become aware of how useful this time is to also set intentions for the day ahead we utilize each moment.

We can create more positive moments by making a conscious effort and being aware that making your best efforts will be rewarded. When we make a transition to form good morning habits and we consciously make the decision there is still going to be a settling in time for the mind and body to assimilate.

There are many benefits to starting some positive vibe morning practice:

- Helps to destress and flow easily through the day

- Your thoughts become uncluttered

- You gain a positive outlook early in the day

- Discipline serve you long term

- You teach your mind good habits

Make some time first thing upon rising to leave technology for a while. We become so dependent upon technology in the morning as soon as we wake up. It’s an automatic pilot response to reach over and check our phones and what’s happening in the world.

Clear your mind while waking up and remove the busyness of thoughts rushing wild. Learn to wean yourself off the technology in small installments starting with ten minutes and working up to 20 minutes. Wake up a little earlier if you need to incorporate moving your body in a gentle walk, workout, stretching, yoga or any form of physical activity you can plan into the morning. A brisk fifteen minute walk does wonders if you’re in a rush. The benefits of waking the mind and body up together in return clear your thoughts and get the circulation going.

Create your own morning ritual and have fun with making it feel special. This might include a time to read early in the day as your mind is so open to absorbing new ideas and concepts. Or include learning a new skill and working towards mastering whatever the skill maybe. Plan the night before what your activities can be and allocate a rough time with a little buffer.

Something to play with is alternating how you spend this time being the first part of your day. Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays you read for twenty minutes and Tuesdays and Thursdays you study a new interest or passion. These are some examples and ideas to get creative and to follow what your desires are for the mind and body. Find what works for you and remember to change things up if you feel it’s predictable once in a while.

A great practice to include first thing upon rising is a simple gratitude practice. This doesn’t have to be a long and lengthy endeavor as it’s to simply be grateful for even the little things in front of you. If life’s been trying and you’re at a blank just start with the cup of coffee that’s in front of you or the glorious sunshine and the roof over your head. A few thankful thoughts to the universe above or higher power will give you a great footing to embrace the rest of your day ahead.

I dedicated a show to creating some positive morning habits in the link below.

Sending you all Love, Light & Blessings💕

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